Saturday, January 24, 2015


No blog since May??  Really???  Where have my priorities gone?  I'll see if I can sum up 8 months as briefly as possible.

Ella and Aiden graduated from Kindergarten and first grade.  Hello summer!

Ella started her own business, Ella's Assistance, to earn money for Legos (the Sunshine Ranch to be exact).

Little stinker made $170!!  I thought she'd be lucky to hit $50.  She put in the work though, mostly baking and selling her art.

She did it!

I know what it looks like.  June wasn't ALL about Ella.  Although, she did catch her first fish and Aiden found a turtle that one time.

Oh and we had a garden!  Alright, fine.  It was a lot of Ella.  I realize that now.  July was more eventful anyway.

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