Wednesday, March 27, 2013


You know, rolling on the floor laughing out loud?  I'm not gonna lie, I had to look it up to see what the correct acronym was.  I'm in that .5% of the population that doesn't text.  Actually I still have a flip phone and I love it.  And I'm definitely not sitting comfortably on my couch curled up with an i-something or a laptop.  My computer is a dinosaur and the tower starts making ticking time bomb noises and I swear it's gonna blow at any second.  I'm gonna hold off as long as I can to be ushered in to the 21st century.  But this is not what I came here to blog about.

I should have put this up earlier!  I FINALLY got Maddex on film doing her fancy four month tricks.  Remember the rolling and the laughing?  She was nice enough to give me both in the same sitting, which makes this little montage flow rather nicely.  I don't know why she was making it look so strenuous, she flip flops like nobody's business.

I didn't know Aiden could make himself belch.  I thought it was funny too.  And I'm just gonna go ahead and say what everybody else is thinking ( because I was thinking it too), my baby talk is super annoying.  I don't know what it is about babies that gets you in your high voice.

Monday, March 25, 2013


  Well, I've held out on her long enough, but the time has finally come!  Maddex gets food!  ...sort of.  I wasn't actually planning on it, but as it turned out, last night at dinner Riley only ate half of her banana.  I didn't want it to go to waste so I decided to let Maddex have it.

Now I'm just going to pretend that I'm the only one who's child has eaten a banana and that this is certainly as exciting as it seems.  Luckily I have the 60 pictures to prove it.  Luckily I was able to narrow it down.  And luckily I have a video too.  And luckily you don't have to watch it.  But take my word for it, that girl was goin' to town!  If you don't know about the Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder, it's a brilliant invention.  You can put whatever you want in it and basically the baby just gnaws the heck out of it without the worry of a choking hazard.  Hot dogs anyone?

Hope you enjoy Maddex's first food experience while I will attempt to amuse you with my wittiness.  

You want me to do what?  Okay, if you say so...

                                                                         Slimy, yet satisfying.                       Not bad.  Not bad at all.
Actually, this is pretty good.                   Like, toe curling good.                You're the best mom ever! 
      Hey, look!  No hands!                      *burp*  Heh, heh.                    Banana pudding up for grabs!
That was fun.  We should do this again tomorrow.  Now, who's ready to give me a bath?  

I hope she enjoyed that because that very well could have been her first and only time.  You see, along with that Bumbo she's sitting in (which is clearly unsafe), the Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder is now also posing a threat...

Monday, March 11, 2013

Twinkle Toes

Another month has come and gone.  Maddex is four months old!  I'll make it short and sweet.

Not only can she eat, sleep, poop and smile...she can also laugh and roll!  Exciting, right?  I have yet to get either of these of film.  She's not much of a performer.  At least she lets me take her picture.  I like her toes in this one.  Which is appropriate, since she's just starting to discover she has them.

And I would like to officially announce that I finally broke Brian.  After seeing this picture, he finally said it...for the FIRST time..."Maddex is cute in this picture, but just this picture."  I knew he'd come around!