Tuesday, January 27, 2015

November, The Terrible is Two!

There really is no excuse for me not blogging about Maddex's birthday!  Birthdays are what keeps me going!  It had been a very busy few months.  We started prepping for the business back in August.  We've been talking about the business for what seems like forever!  The concept was simple, go mobile.  But we had a lot of things to work out before we could open.  I immersed myself into helping Brian get things going and all that starting a business entails.  We took a leap of faith with not much of a leg to stand on and we officially opened Filter Chiropractic on November 3!

But onto Maddex, this one's for her...


 Brian came up with the idea to have a Terrible Two party.  It was small and just enough to push a little girl over the edge:)  I had fun with the invite.

We decided on an ice cream bar complete with all the toppings.  I kind of just used stuff I've had on hand and ended up getting Olivia stuff because it was .13 at Party city.  So I combined the two.

I had 'rule of life #__' all over the house.  Things like 'Rule of life #472 If you leave crayons out, a two year old will color on the wall' 'Rule of life # 85 Two year olds like to destroy things, give them something to destroy' (this was hung on the pinata).  'Rule of life #17, Two year olds are messy.  They will leave hand prints on everything.  You get the idea.  One of my personal favorites-

Speaking of crying...it was her party and she cried 'cause she wanted to.

We've never done pinatas before but it was another clearance ($2) steal from Party City.
We did let the big kids bust it.  I had Frozen gummies inside.  Woohoo!

Ahh, Maddex...so cute and yet so 2...

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