Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Bird-day Party

 So a complete month hasn't gone by since Riley's 1st birthday.  I haven't forgotten about her, just haven't taken the time to go through all the pictures.  Get ready for a nice long plog because that's basically what this is.  At least half of my guest list called in sick so I just wanted you all to feel like you were there.  I'm thinking about maybe celebrating Riley's birthday in August on her half birthday instead.  That way no one will be sick, because let's face it, in February it's always going to be cold and flu season.  I mean Ground Hog's day did really steal her thunder and we don't want to have to compete with that!

Anyway, Ella requested that Riley have a Bird Party, so that's just what we did.  Enjoy...

Believe it or not, it actually took me all week to decorate.  Pathetic I know, but a little everyday with the kids 'helping' really slows things down!

Ella's birthday banner, she was so proud!

These are the pictures that I took of Riley each month.  I could have done a better job of cropping them together but you get the idea!

And that's the extent of my decor.  Minimal but I was happy with it.  Ella and Aiden were so involved too, which made it fun for them.  They actually enjoyed helping me shop!  Which brings me to my next set of pictures.  Party favors.  We went to Party City and got eggs and 25c prizes.  THEY got to put prizes in eggs and hide them around the house.  Believe me, this was a big deal.  They felt so important.  These are bird eggs, not Easter eggs.  Oh yeah, there's a difference!  Basically, if you found an egg it was yours and that's what you got to take home.  I'd say the mustaches were the big hit. 

This is my new favorite picture of Riley

Gotta love the fake mustaches!  Kinda wishing I kept one for myself!
Next, the Bird-day cake.  Those of you who got to eat it, you can thank Ella and Aiden (and maybe Brian too).  Aiden did the worm jars and Ella made the nests.  And yes, that graham cracker crust was homemade.  Nothing like letting kids go wild with a rolling pin and crackers!  I'll add in the links to the recipes, your welcome.

**We didn't add the strawberries in the mix, but opted for them on top.  Also, we added 2 tbsp of fresh lemon juice.  

Click Here for the Graham Cracker Crust recipe
**We didn't add the cinnamon.
I pat myself on the back for coming up with the baby jars for a 1 year old party.  Cute, huh?  I also wanted enough individual cakes to go around considering that babies usually sneeze, spit or destroy the only cake for everyone to share.  You don't have to say it because I already know, I'm awesome!

Ella went a little crazy with the eggs in the nest.  Jelly Beans are so gross!

There was no face dive into her cake.  What can I say?
 Ella was the official photographer for the party.  It's surprising how people respond differently to a toddler taking their picture instead of a nagging adult...everyone seemed much more willing to smile!  I also found this to be true in the video that she took.  I decided not to crop her pictures, so here's our party as seen by Ella...

Well, almost everyone smiled...

Sorry Rach, I had to...
You too, Bek!

I didn't know he was coming...
...and there's me crying like a baby.

My favorite of the bunch.

I think Ella did a pretty good job.  She's my little photographer in the making.  Now if only she can figure out the whole eye squinting thing she'd be alright!

This is from the party we had with Riley on her actual birthday.  We had breakfast that night so that's a cinnamon roll she's got her candle in.

I guess she's using the force...it doesn't seem to be working.
Now we're talkin'.

Ha, she didn't like it!  This will be the same face she makes when she turns 40.  
Happy Bird-day Riley!