Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Started off the month with an awesome 4th of July weekend at Great Wolf Lodge, courtesy of Brian's parents.

I didn't get many pictures of Ella in the water because she spent most of her time on the water slides.  Aiden and Riley are best buds and stuck together the whole time.  Thick as thieves those two.

We hit up Cow Appreciation day at Chic-fil-a...twice.

Brian and the kids pulled up the garden and planted pumpkins for the fall.  Oh, and we got bunnies!  Brian built a fence out back big enough for the kids to be able to sit and hang out in. The timing was a little sooner than we planned (maybe just a few weeks).  The clover we planted in there wasn't fully sprouted yet, but there was someone local selling three sisters (Mini Rex rabbits) and we didn't want to pass them up.  So here are Patches (Ella's), Nibbles (Aiden's) and Abby (Riley's).

Later that day someone posted they wanted to give their bunny away (and Brian was wanting another one for Maddex anyway) so we picked up Cooper the next day.  Long tickling whiskers!

He (a fixed he) was SO fluffy, hair flying everywhere.  He had only been inside for the past 4 years, and with the July heat the fur had to go.  So Brian gave him a shall we say, rather jacked up haircut.  The kids love those buns!

I found this video on my phone a few months ago.  Funny!

Here's a couple of random ones.

And now to the heat of the summer!

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