Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mr. Cool

Mr. 'I'm Too Cool For Pictures' is six years old!


I'm not gonna lie, I was a little disappointed with his birthday party choice.  Let down #1: he wanted a pool party.  Let down #2: he wanted a MOTORCYCLE pool party.

Really?  A pool party?  That means I don't get to make anything.  Boo!  How dare he rob me of my late nights pouring countless hours into tedious party creating!  But if that's what he wants, then I will comply.

Really?  Motorcycles?  That doesn't even go with a pool theme!  We could have done sharks or battleships or pirates for cryin out loud!  How did he not inherit the party planning gene??  And FYI, local party stores do not sell motorcycle stuff.

We made do and honestly, the kids don't care anyway.  We went to the dollar tree and Aiden picked out silver and black plates and "motorcycle" tires for the pool.

I ordered the balloons from Bargain Balloons.  I got them for just over $2 a piece!  At the end I sent them home with his friends as party favors:)  I also spent at least 30 minutes digging through the Hotwheel bin at Wal-Mart and raided them of all their motorcycles.  Luckily, I found just enough for his friends and one for him too!  He had 4 little boys come (I like to keep things small) and they all had a great time!  This is the year of chill because like Ella's party, it seemed unusually relaxed and calm.  I expected for 5 boys to be all over the place, but they were great!

Aiden's menu of choice: cheezits, trailmix, shark gummies and pop rocks.  Pop rocks??  This all started when we took them to Coldstone for the first time and he ordered blue cotton candy ice cream with skittles and pop rocks.

The boys may or may not have been putting them on their wet skin to see if they popped.  And they may or may not have tried to put pop rocks in their nose.  Boys are so weird!

Maddex pretty much just hung around the food the whole time.  It was very much a free for all.

He wanted chocolate cupcakes.  Nothing fancy, just chocolate.  Brian did sneak in some peanut butter chips in some of them and I have to say, they were dang good!

Just look at Riley, you know it's good when you have your eyes closed:)

Happy Birthday Mr. Cool!

Now I can breathe a sigh of relief.  Birthdays are over until little Miss Baby Pain turns 2!

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