Wednesday, April 25, 2012

You Might Be a Redneck if...

You do this.

Last week was so...grey!  I usually don't welcome rainy days.  Kind of hinders my plans a bit.  We're suddenly cooped up and now I'm expected to entertain.  So all morning I pulled out (some) of the stops.  We painted, watched a movie, played animals and built block houses.  Twelve o'clock couldn't have come fast enough.  I was so looking forward to lunch time.  Because in our house, lunch time is one step closer to nap time.  The golden hour.

Then came what to do after naps?  You know some days you just don't have the energy to do it all.  One of those days.  Rain has a way of doing that to you.  So I told the kids they didn't have to take a bath and they could play in the rain and mud when they woke up.  I believe Ella's response was "Sweet!  Oh yeah, oh yeah!"  I had also recently read an article about 'letting go'.  Kids getting dirty is a big thing for me.  I hate the mess, only because I know who's in charge of having to clean up afterward...ME.  So I decided to let go, and I was feeling pretty proud of myself for this self imposed therapy.  Trust me, it was therapy.  Brian suggested I go out with them.  I told him who knows, miracles happen every day.  Once the kids went out I decided somebody else probably needed a miracle more than I did, so I sat comfortably by the window to watch.


Annnnnnd we're done.  Ready to come inside.  Well, that lasted a good 45 minutes.  Who's up for an hour bath?  Anyone?  We've still got hours until dinner!

Needless to say, we survived.  I laid the clothes neatly outside hoping the rain would do most of the work for me.  Funny how it seemed to let up.  So I kept them outside for another day, putting it off hoping that somehow that miracle would come my way.  Maybe they would suddenly be cleaned or stolen by someone who really needed them.  None of those things happened so I finally had to break down and get the job done.  *Sigh*  Oh, and to the big wolf spider that was hiding out in the jeans...not cool. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Strawberry Picking

Last week the kids went strawberry picking.  Their first time was last year and it seems like this might be an annual thing for them, thanks to Grandma.  I'll make it short and sweet and just post pictures and video.  You're welcome.  And in case you were wondering, they picked 5 buckets full.  We took home 2.  I've got them frozen and not a clue what to do with them.  I am open to any recipes if you want to share.

         I wish there was a logical explanation as to why I cannot get this kid to take a normal picture.  Can we just write it off as 'being a boy'?

                 Sure wish I would have thought to bring my good camera along.  This could have looked like a food ad.


And if you feel like sitting through another...

Ignore the fact that she ate a strawberry off the ground and it didn't phase either one of us.  Focus on how eating that sweet juicy goodness is making her dance.  You know it's good when it makes you dance!