Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Room and The Name

I'm finally getting around to the baby room pictures!  I've been done for a while, but my focus turned to sleeping and sleeping and oh yeah, sleeping.  Seems that my nesting has kicked in today though and with only 2 weeks to go, I'd say it's a good thing.  Just this morning I cleaned the garage, the van and washed the car seat.  Aside from hanging pictures in our bedroom, I've officially run out of house to do.  You would never know we've only been here since August.  So, onto the baby room...

We decided to go a little funky with the colors.  Red, yellow and turquoise.  Seemed like a good idea at the time, except NOTHING baby comes in those colors!  Good thing I can sew.  I searched high and low for a yellow changing pad cover only to find the soft buttery color.  I finally broke down and got a towel from Target and made one myself.  Take that generic baby colors!  I loved making the bean bag.  Riley and Aiden helped too.  I let Aiden use the presser foot on the sewing machine and well, let's just say he thought he was rather cool.  They also helped with the beans (whenever I'm at a yard sale or Goodwill and there's a bean bag for a couple of dollars, I'll snag it.  It just seems to be one of those things that are nice to have on stand by for projects such as this).  I was naive to think that I could contain the beans.  They kept saying it was snow.  Southern children are deprived of actual snow.  Guess this is the next best thing. 

The bookcase I got at a thrift store for $8.  It was stained and white.  Thanks to a little color matching at Lowe's and leftover fabric from the beanbag it recovered nicely.  The typography I made/stole from this lady.  I tweaked her version and made ones of my own.  I've been asked about the flashcards.  I'll admit, I saw them on another blog and after that I was bound and determined that I had to have them too.  I'll spare you the search...they're called My Favorite Things Flash Cards, purchased on Amazon for $7.

So why the M E F flashcards??  We changed her name.  In our initial Baby No. 4 announcement, we had decided on the name Natalie.  On July 4, while watching fireworks, Brian and I decided we didn't like it anymore and to just start over.  By this time we knew we were having a girl, but our discussion went back to boy.  Brian was still hung up on his all time fav boy name, Maddox, which I have vetoed MANY times.  Then something inside me stirred and I said "What if we use it as a girl's name?"  And from then on, her new name is...


We realize that it's different, but confident she'll be cool enough to pull it off:)  Just wait, in a couple of years it'll be on the top baby girl name list.  As it stands now, it hasn't been used as a girls name since 2006.  I'm sure she'll get deemed the nickname 'Maddie' somewhere down the road.  We've come to terms with it.  But I think it's safe to say she'll be the only Maddex in her class.