Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Rockstar Valentines

So last week Riley had a birthday.  Rockstar Riley is four!!  We've been planning on this rock star party since October!  Thanks to the 90% off Halloween clearance, we stocked up on wigs for $0.50 just for this occasion.  Remember these?  
Brian and I were also thinking ahead when we got her a karaoke machine for Christmas...with flashing lights.  A bunch of kids and a microphone?  This won't be noisy at all!

So here's some pre-show pictures and some from the party too.

A sneak peek backstage.  Spiked slap bracelets + flashy rings=party favor winners!

We sort of forgot about the (finished) cake being in the oven.  And then we remembered it after preheating the oven.  Thus, the melted sad looking cake.  Oh well.  She liked it anyway.

Here's a little video of the kids before the party officially started.  They were pretty stinkin cute.

And I'm just going to piggy back the Blizzard of 2014/Valentine's Day on here too.  I'm caught up!

I made a snowman!

Maddex didn't actually get any play time.  I let her out just long enough to snap some valentine pictures.  This is the best one!

Here's Ella and Brian sledding down the street in front of the house.

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