Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Seven Already?

Well it just so happened that our annual beach trip came early.  I had found a deal for Dunes Village but the kicker was that the 'deal weekend' would fall on Ella's birthday.  So I asked the kids if they wanted to wait and go later.  They didn't...big surprise.  Ella was all for going to the beach to celebrate her 7th birthday!
We came home with a hermit crab AND a tadpole.  We have since released the tadpole-turned frog and I'm waiting for the stench of the crabitat to hit.  ...We don't have great luck with crabs.  Here's a video of our trip.  

Fast forward to this past weekend, the official birthday party.  Ella decided on an 'Art Party'.  This actually came together really easily.  Guess it helps when I've got a whole closet full of art supplies though.  This was probably the most low key party we've had.  And my most minimal!  I actually didn't construct anything this time!  Unless you count the construction paper chains...

She wanted a carrot cake (who knows why) and I let her decorate it herself.  She'll tell you all about it in her video.  I also took her to the grocery store and let her pick out the snacks she wanted.  One of the break free moments in which she is in full control:)

They started out doing water color paintings.  Ella picked out these doughnut soaps to make, so I had the kids take turns doing the steps in the mean time (they took about 45 min to set).  Then they made their tin can stilts.  I debated about letting them paint them, but I think the foam stickers were a good choice.  We came back to the doughnuts and finished frosting and putting sprinkles on.  They really were cute.

Brian passed out humongous slices of cake.  Aiden was pretty stoked.  Ella said next year she's having chocolate:)  Live and learn I guess.

I just have to add this of Maddex.  Coming down to a room full of more than the usual number of kids is quite the wake up call:)

I let Ella record before her friends got here, so naturally it's a little all over the place.  Here's a little video montage of the party.  Happy 7th Birthday, Ella!


  1. Ella, you narrated your birthday agenda like a professional. You ARE an artist and your birthday party was wonderful. I like the cat you drew. Sorry I forgot the day, so will send something late. The tom-walkers is what we called the can things when my kids were growing up. What fun!!!! i love you, seven years old. Maddex looks like she had a great time. Thank you for sending me the video. love, Nanny

  2. This is priceless! Makes me feel like I got to come. What an amazing Mom you are. Loved all the pics and especially Ella's little documentary by her. It made me tear up! She is adorable and I couldn't be happier that she is a blooming Artist! We've got artist all over our families. There is nothing better than the power of imagination. Loved it!!!!!!! Thank-you for sending this!

  3. So creative! I love it! Happy Bday Ella! How did you do the soap? Was it a kit?