Saturday, April 13, 2013

Gotta Love a Good Sale

Brian's idea of a perfect Saturday morning:  taking the kids to the zoo.  And he does this literally EVERY Saturday morning (weather permitting).  My idea of a perfect Saturday morning:  Yard Sales.

Here are some keys to going to yard sales:

-Get out early, but don't be the one that shows up at 6:30 when people are still setting stuff out...7 is safe and you won't stress out the sellers either.

-Do not to act on impulse.
Ask yourself, #1 is it a fair price, #2 even if it is fair, will I actually use it and #3 will I regret not buying it later.

-Buy with intent.

-Don't be afraid to bargain, but don't be set on talking people down every time either.  You can tell when people are trying to make money and when people are just trying to get rid of stuff.  Personally, I don't like ripping the people off who need the money just so I can save a buck or two.  I've been on the other end when WE are the ones selling (for the money), and I don't like to be talked down from my already fair prices.
**How to spot the Get Ridders-  they're practically GIVING stuff away.  Everything is waaaay under priced or they didn't even bother to price it and everything is at 'make an offer' status.  Those are the ones you walk away from knowing you just robbed someone.  Oddly enough, you don't feel bad about it.

Case in point, I got a tripod for my camera for .10.  SERIOUSLY??  When I asked the guy initially he said to just take it.  I told him he'd never make any money that way, so he asked for a dime.  We also bought a whole book of CD's (throwbacks from the 90's) for a $1.  There were several rock ones in there I knew Brian would like, but **bonus**  now we are also proud new owners of Garth Brooks, Britney Spears and Sisco.  Just to name a few.  I'm pretty sure I am in possession of the Thong Song.  Wonder how much I could get for that little gem on Ebay.

So here is most of what I racked up on this morning.

 -Fair prices, check.   The mirror was a splurge, but ain't she purdy?  You couldn't buy this in any store for that price.  Would definitely regret not snagging that.

Intent, check.
-Hula Hoops- Ella's got a luau coming up for her birthday party.  I will use these.  I might even hang stuff from them one day.  The kids will enjoy playing with them.  They aren't the cheapy ones, these bad boys light up!

-Books, kit and doodle pro- for the kids.  I actually might stash the doodle pro away to throw in an Easter basket or use as a birthday present for Maddex.  I like having series of books, and the Critter ones are classics.  The kids love the two we already have.

-Lanterns- will use for a party or decor at some point.  Can't beat $1.  I happen to know that 3 small lanterns at Target are $3, and they don't even come with lights.  Just sayin.

-Movies- like a Redbox except now we own them.  **no taxes or late fees either

-Door stopper- because I've had too many squished fingers in that swinging door that goes into the kitchen.

-Mirror- because it's my birthday on Monday.  Brian's off the hook.

Other purchases included set of 4 car seat covers for Brian's car $10 (now we can take the t shirts off), kid sized umbrella  .50 (black with multi colored polka dots, so cute, will stash for Ella as a gift), hair clippers new $3 (I do the boy's hair and we needed new ones 5 haircuts ago), pedometer new $5 (Brian's been wanting one), and we let the kids pick out 1 thing for .25-$1 for being troopers.  Ella got a cat, Aiden a helicopter and Riley the doctor kit.  There is one more item that will remain a secret because it's a Christmas present for a certain family member, but trust me, it's a RARE find:)

Successful yard sale finds, check.  I speak from experience when I say, yard sales are very hit or miss.  You can spend all morning hunting and come home empty handed.  Do not discourage, they'll be more next Saturday.  Tis the season for spring cleaning, it's prime time for yard sales!


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