Friday, April 19, 2013

Aiden's Sweet New Ride

The kids are all into riding their bikes right now.  Ella has been learning to ride without training wheels and Aiden is content whizzing around on his way too small bike.  Just a few days ago we were telling them they both needed new bikes.  

Last night I did my usual weekly perusing of the Target clearance sections.  I couldn't have been happier when I stumbled across this Transformer bike, 16" (ages 4-8) for $23.98!  I've never bought a bike before (our others were hand me downs) but it seemed a lot better than the original $79.99.  I've even seen them at consignment stores, but they wanted $30 for the used ones.

I could have waited until his birthday, but that's still over a month away.  It'll be 100 degrees by then!  So I gave it to him this morning.  And I assembled it all myself!   It had plastic wheel covers (Transformer stuff) and fenders but we thought they were dumb so we took them off.  Not to mention they'd probably crack the first time he hit the pavement.  The handle bars also make noises and have a 'laser beam'...ooohhh, ahhhh.  I'm hoping he'll be motivated to want to ride without training wheels too.     

He's been riding it around the house all morning.  About every 10 minutes he says "Thank you for getting me this bike, Mom.  I really love it."  I could hardly get him to stop moving to take a picture!  It's unexpected finds like this that keep me coming back to Target every week.  Maybe I'll get lucky and find one for Ella too!

The fact that he's wearing a bike shirt is purely coincidental...

"Can I go now?  I really want to keep riding my bike."

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  1. this boy can really go~! B
    et he keeps at it til he masters it.
    I love you, Britt. Nan