Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Earth Day

I had a little Earth Day shin dig for the kids and a few of their friends yesterday.  Nothing blog worthy in my book because I literally 'recycle decorated' with water bottles and shower hooks.  You know the cheapy plastic ring kind.  Hook a bunch of those together and viola...garland.  Anyway, Maddex had herself a grand time playing with those water bottles today while I was cleaning up.

I realize that's a lot of pictures.  She was just so stinkin cute though.  I'm a little embarrassed to say it, but there's video too.

In honor of Earth Day, I decided to do a little recyclable project of my own.  I mentioned to Brian a few weeks ago that I thought a mason jar soap dispenser would be cute in the kitchen.  Our farmhouse table is still a work in progress and we do have these hanging on the wall after all...

Well, he shot me down.  He didn't directly say it was a dumb idea, but he pretty much said it was a dumb idea. So knowing that he doesn't visualize very well and knowing that NOTHING is an original idea, I typed it in on Pinterest.  Well, low and behold, guess what?  Mason jar soap dispensers are an actual thing that people do.  Figures.  I hate you Pinterest.

Can I just make a side beef note:  I find it irritating that I when I make something people say, "Oh, did you see that on Pinterest?"  Actually, no, I didn't.  I thought I made it up.  I can actually come up with creative, original (or so I think) ideas on my own.  Pinterest gets all the credit.  Most of the time when I have an idea to do something I Pinterest it and, yep, been there done that, and done it better 'n you too.  And all this time I thought I was so unique...  Thank you Pinterest, I no longer have any self esteem left.  On the other hand, I've been doing ghetto crafts for years but thanks to Pinterest it's not considered ghetto anymore...it's DIY and it's cool.  Mom, Dad, make note of this.  I'm cool now.  

Ok, so back to the soap dispenser.  Friday night we made pizza.  Brian happily informed me that if I wanted to use the pizza sauce jar, he could handle that.  It's short and stout, I can handle it too.  So this is what it was (I wasn't planning on a step by step how to, this is a stock photo).

And this is how my mason jar soap dispenser turned out.  I randomly have brushed nickel spray paint on hand and a soap pump I don't use anymore.  The rest is pretty self explanatory.  Take a nail and hammer a hole in the top, cut the straw to length.

I didn't hot glue the top down because I'm not sure I'm ready to fully commit just yet.  I like it, but I don't looove it.  I either need to spray the lid/pump dark, give the jar some color or put colored soap in it.  Something's off for me right now, but I figured I'd go ahead and throw the idea out for anyone that hasn't already seen in on Pinterest.  If only I had kept up The Baby Jar...


  1. Britt, that is really cool! I think it looks great but every artist has there own eye for a project. Neat idea even if Pinterest has some already, it's still your own idea. It's like an art class and everybody has a giant box of crayons, and 2 people chose the same color to create with. Each have a creative idea it just happens that they are the same!

  2. Precious pictures of Maddex. You are right, she is so stinking cute! Makes you want to scoop her up and hug her, how do you get anything done? Hard to take your eyes off those denim blues!