Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Brian's 7th Birthday

Whoa, I totally forgot about Brian's birthday!  It's only a month late...oops.  You'd think I would have jumped right on the blog and posted about it considering all the work I put into it.  Poor Brian only gets a real birthday every four years.  He's a Feb. 29 Leap Day baby!  So this year he got to turn the Big 7!  So the kids and I decided to throw him a birthday party that any seven year old would enjoy.  A totally GROSS party!  They found it very entertaining that 'Daddy was having a stink party'.  We were planning on making this a surprise party, but Aiden's not great at keeping secrets so he kind of spilled the beans.  Oh well.  So enjoy scrolling through the pictures and feel free to say 'Eww, gross' at any time.  That was kind of what we were going for.

Nothing like stringing trash through the house!

FYI- toe jam is the 'bunches' from Honey Bunches of Oats...so good.

Recipe found HERE

Yes, Brian had a tapeworm when he was in Panama.  He named it Fred.  *shudder*

Something about turning 7 really brings out the kid in him.

The 'worms' on this cake were just too real and gross no one wanted to eat them.

Oh, yeah and the slime too...

Slime recipe CLICK HERE  We liked the look of the clear, but the feel of the solid.  Either way, the kids liked it.  Oh, who am I kidding, adults too.

Happy Belated Birthday hubby!  At least I got it right on the actual day...

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  1. oh, yuk, britt. gross, nauseating, gag, gag! throw-up!!!!! YEA, FUN