Friday, September 23, 2011

The Take Back Queen

Ever buy something and then the next time you go back to the store you see the same thing on sale?  Well that happens to me a lot.  In no way do I let this defeat me.  In fact, it's forced me to become the kind of shopper that I am.

A couple of weeks ago I got it in my head that Aiden needed micro machines.  Not familiar with micro machines?  Well, they are only the hottest little cars of the 80's!  So I started searching.  I even dug up an old commercial.  So after watching that I was down right determined that not only would he get cars, but a play set too.  I didn't care which one.  Knowing that they don't sell these anymore my only hope was ebay.  I was pleasantly surprised by all the choices.  Not so crazy about the prices though.  So to make a long story short I finally found one to bid on.  I should probably keep my bidding price disclosed, but I won't because it just makes it that much better.  I beat out the highest bidder with just seconds to spare by just .50 at a whopping $20.50.  It's like the heavens opened up and the Super Van City and 13 micro machines were mine.  I know what you are thinking, 20 bucks for a dumb toy that's 20 years old?  That's the thing about ebay.  You think you've gotten this great deal on a 'treasure' that is no where else to be found.  It's an e-buyer's high.  And it's mine, all mine...  And then it hit me.  'There's no way Brian is going to be happy about this.  I'll have to ease this one in with perfect timing.'

So a couple of days passed (alright it was 5, but who's counting, right?) and my package arrived.  I hadn't told Aiden about the cars.  I waited to open it until nap time to bask in the glory undisturbed.  It's a satisfying feeling to end a cycle of obsession.  Once I get something in my head I'm gonna do it and there's no stopping me.  It's a flaw really.  Well, after the kids woke up from naps I got everybody ready for our weekly trip to Goodwill.  Yes, I take weekly trips to Goodwill. I go for the Target stuff (once the clearance stuff has been out for a certain length of time Target sells them to Goodwill).

Target, Wool Rug-$275, Target sold it to Goodwill and I bought it new for $50
But that's a whole different story.  So off we went to the new Goodwill.  I had only found out about it that morning.  So naturally, the kids went straight to the toys.  I can hardly put into words the emotions that flooded my body when we got back there.  Sitting on the shelf directly in front of me was Super Van City.  My mouth hit the floor and I felt physically sick.  I stood there in shock and it was like everything else stood still.  'I cannot believe what I'm seeing right now.  This must be some kind of hallucination.'  I mean what are the odds, right?  I knew what I would find when I looked at the blue sticker.  I almost didn't want to look, it was going to be too painful.  $1.50.  Are you kidding me!

Well, I wasn't going to pass that up.  So I bought it.  The next day I put the same Super Van City that I had just gotten the day before up on ebay and threw in 5 cars for good measure.  I'm happy to say that it sold for $17.28.  So there ya go.  Super Van City and 6 micro machines for roughly $5, now that's a price Brian will be happy with! 

Moving on to this week (that was last week).

My weekly trip to Target.  Yes, I do that too.  I like check out what's on clearance.  I almost never pay full price for things.  I can't stand to pass up a good deal when I see one.  If you get a gift from me, I've probably had it for well over 6 months, maybe even years.

So I've had my eye out for bedding for Riley for when she moves out of a toddler bed (she's still in a crib).  I had fallen in love with a quilt set at Target, but I was not willing to pay $65 for it.  Well, back in July it got marked down to $45 and the matching sheets $13 (from $18).  So I figured I'd snag them.  I still felt it was a little high, but like I said before,  I know what I want.  So into the closet they went.  Wednesday we went to Target.  They are having some mega markdowns right now and I can hardly contain my excitement.  Well, same quilt, same sheets were now marked down to $32 and $9.  So you can guess what I did.  I bought them.  Yesterday I went back to Target and returned the ones for $45 and $13.  I was doing a little victory dance in my head for getting a better deal.  I figured since I was there, I might as well peruse the store...again.  Well, what happened next was not a case of deja vu.  I got to the bedding section and there again same quilt, same sheets now $16 and $4.  'Wait a second, didn't I just pay double this the day before???'  So I bought them.

So technically, if Target follows suit I can go back today and they will be half off?  I don't think the kids could handle going out again.  They are such troopers while I drag them around town with me.  I'll have to take back the $32 and $9 next week.  In the mean time I'll check back in to Goodwill to see what Target supplied them with this week.  Bargain shopping is exhausting...ok, more of a hobby really.  I mean can you blame me though?

I think I may be the only person who buys things with the intent to return them.  When I come home with things I just tell Brian, "Hey, you know my policy, if you don't like it I'll take it back."  So if the stores (Target) changes their return policy, I'll apologize in advance because it's because of people like me.  Or just me.  This was not the first time that I returned the same item 1 ok 2 ...err 3 times.  Oh, and PS-  don't plan on returning anything to Kohl's.  They charge you a 15% restock fee.  I just wanted to throw that out there.

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  1. This is so funny because I too have been eying the exact same bedding set for Abby...because it reminded me of YOU. I looked over and saw it on the shelf and said: "Ooooo that's cute, looks like something Ella would have, awwww I miss Brittney :(" How weird is that. Maybe I'll head over and see if our Target has it marked down to nothing :)Our problem is that we haven't decided if she'll have a twin bed or a full. Ethan has a full but his room is much bigger. Oh well, at those prices I'll buy both sizes and just return one later :) So, I'm guessing you must have a dewy decimal system of receipts huh?