Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The New Additions

Well, I wasn't planning on having any more...at least not any time soon.  Somehow Brian caught the fever and has been hounding me for months.  I can't believe I let him get to me, but it's a done deal now and it's official...

Yep, you guessed it, we have new PETS!  Oh, when I said fever I meant 'puppy fever'.  You didn't think I was pregnant did you?  Although Brian (and the kids) tried really hard to convince me we needed a dog, we were able to settle on a more practical compromise.  I mean let's face it, having a puppy would be like having another baby and I'm not about to tackle that one.  So on Saturday we took the kids to PetSmart where they picked out their first official pets (the chickens were mine).  Trust me, this is a big deal.  Everybody knows I'm anti-pet so no one is as surprised as I am.

This is Lollipop (Lolli), Ella's pride and joy.

She's the most active of the three, which works out well considering Ella has tea parties with her, takes her on walks, builds her 'crabitats', takes her outside to play, and right now while I'm writing has her in a bowl full of dry beans.  Ella was elated when I played her this song  I'm pretty sure this song was written about a crab.

Aiden's crab, Whirly.

He's good about crawling around too.  A little skiddish though.  I mean I can't blame him though, he has been dropped a few times.  Aiden gets a little freaky when he's holding the shell and Whirly's legs start creeping out.  Initially Aiden dropped him, but now he says "Ah, he's coming out, come and hold him!" 

Yes, Riley got one too.  Ella named it Chugga Chugga.
I think Chugga is lame, but he's Brian's favorite.  Chugga  is shy and doesn't play.  The only time he'll walk is if there's a shadow or a dark hole nearby.  He'll find the nearest shadow and stop...lazy.

They really love them though.  And I'm not gonna lie, I like them too.  Mainly because I like making 'crabitats' and watching them crawl around.  What's a 'crabitat' you are wondering?  It's the totally awesome play places I build them out of our big wooden blocks.  The possibilities are endless!  I might get a little carried away sometimes.

 I just hope they survive...

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