Friday, October 11, 2013

Eleven, Eleven

So today is the 11th and Maddex is 11 months old!  Ironic since her birthday is actually 11/11...this time next month she'll be turning the big ONE!  I should start party planning right away.  First I gotta get a Halloween Party under my belt and THEN I can focus.

Take a look at those pearly whites.  How is it possible that she still only has 2 teeth??

Moving right along...I can finally giver her credit for saying her first word!  She's can say 'uh-oh'.  Exciting, right?  Mostly she hums it, but she'll let it out occasionally.  She's got a few approximations too...all done, bath and diaper.  I have yet to get 'diaper' on film.  I harassed her at lunchtime trying to get her to perform.  And what a difference a week makes in her walking progress!  I'm not calling her a walker just yet (she still crawls most of the time) but I've stopped counting steps.  If she really puts her mind and her feet in the right place, she can get where she wants to go.


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