Thursday, April 21, 2011

Girls Night Out

After the boys went to Monster Jam back in January, I promised Ella that she would get to go to a show too.  This time it would be just the girls.  Why does Brian get to have all the fun?  I have to say though, I feel kind of bad.  The boys got gypped, big time... because last week this is what we went to-


It was the day before my birthday too so I told Brian he didn't have to get me anything.  Going to the show was good enough for me.  The tickets were only $14 and I would have gotten them regardless of my birthday.  But this way Brian was off the hook for getting me present.  Aren't I a good wife?

So I bet the guys think it's fru-fru and totally lame, but it was AWESOME!  I think it's safe to say that anyone who can get all the Disney Princesses in one room together is a hero in the eyes of a (almost) 4 year old little girl.  I won't hide it, we might have dressed up for this.  I reverted back to being 4 again and threw on some of Ella's dress-ups.  Oh who am I kidding, I'm not sure I've completely stopped playing dress up...

I let Ella bring her camera to take pictures.  She's recently deemed my 'little' camera as her own and carries it in a little Tinker Bell box.  She is quite the shutter bug.  Basically her pictures were just a bunch of blurry people stuck in a fuzzy posed position.  I tried to snap a quick one for her while the Princesses were out doing their thing, but obviously this isn't the type of show were pictures really do it any kind of justice. 

All in all though, I was so happy to take her and we had a great time.  She also liked the fact that Aiden and Riley had to go to bed when we were leaving.  Staying up late is so cool!


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  2. That should be a night to remember. :) It does look like a lot of fun, I'm glad you girls enjoyed yourself!

  3. Man.....Barbie dolls on ice! Every dream of every little girl! That will be something she remembers all her life! Love you my Belle and Ariel-Love-The Grammama