Monday, January 24, 2011

Monster Jam

I think it's safe to say that last weekend was the highlight of Aiden's life thus far.  Ever since Dumb Thing # 10,421, Aiden has kept monster trucks near and dear to his little heart.  About a month ago we got a coupon in the mail for Monster Jam.  If you are unfamiliar with this event, it is THE place to see monster trucks in full fledged action.  I couldn't stop myself from wanting to indulge my son into this world of dirt flingin' engine revvin' car crushin' good ole' boy fun.  The next day I drove down to the box office for 2 tickets...1 for him and 1 for Brian.  Row 15, not bad.  Call it enabling or just plain impulsive, but I'm glad I did it.  We hyped him up for weeks about going.  He was prepared for the ear plugs, but we weren't sure if he would be intimidated by the 'real thing'.  His little hot wheel monster trucks are no match for what he was about to encounter.  I have to admit, I was kind of banking on him crying.  I had imagined Brian calling me 20 minutes after starting and telling me they were coming home because Aiden was scared.  Much to my surprise (and relief) the phone call I received at half time was a good one.  Aiden DID NOT cry and thought the trucks were awesome.  Brian said he just looked star struck the whole time.  He also said that they were so close that when the dirt was flinging, they got hit.  Yeah!  Bonus!
This is the face of one happy boy.
 He made me a couple of videos while they were there too.  So sweet that they thought of me.

For those of you who are interested...Yes, Grave Digger was there.  He lost to a girl.  That's all I know.
When the boys got home I was fully expecting Aiden to be conked out.  I had turned his bed down and laid out his pj's so we could just slip him quickly into bed.  After all, it was 10:30...waaaaay past bed time.  Aiden surprised me again.  He was wide awake when they walked in the door.  I don't think I've ever seen him so excited!  His little voice was all horse and he couldn't stop grinning as he told me all about it.  I felt like the best mom ever for getting him those tickets.  Too bad Brian will be the one who goes down in Aiden's book as the hero.  I don't care though.  It was all worth it to see the look on his face when he got home.  Brian said he was more excited talking to me than he was when he was watching the trucks!  

At the end they gave out coupons for next year.  Aiden carries his around.  When he's not it hangs on his bulletin board in his room.  I think he's in love.  As redneck as I think Monster Trucks are, I'm OK with it.  We've got good southern roots here.  So that makes it like a cultural thing, right?  How else can I expose him to the permed mullet adorned with baseball cap?  What would you call that, a Permullet??  Who knows, we may put that coupon to good use next year too! 

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