Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Scary Monster

You would like to think that your kids aren't scaredy-cats, that you've raised them to be tough.  You feel like somehow it reflects your parenting when they are scared of silly things.  For instance, Aiden.  He is a dare devil and will jump off pretty much anything, dive into anything with no fear.  But then a little tiny gnat flies in his direction and he completely freaks out.  I mean thunder and lightning are one thing, but a gnat?  Really?  I have come to grips with it I guess that yes, deep down my son is a marshmallow.

Ella's fear has always been other people.  Mostly her relatives.  More imparticular the men in her life.  So basically I can boil it down to her uncles and grandfathers.  Sorry guys.  You know who you are.  You are also well aware of the fact that you have made her cry on more than one occasion just by saying "Hi."  Now it's safe to say that after 3 years of therapy she's doing much better!  She's not nearly as freaked out just based on appearance alone.  We're still working on being approached though.  Her philosophy is 'if I ignore them, maybe they will go away.'

Yesterday I got a little insight to this whole fear of hers.  We were coloring and she drew this picture:

"What is it?" I asked. "A scary monster." Apparently her idea of a scary monster is a man with little to no hair and a goatee. Interesting. Now I'm not saying that anyone's a monster, but you know those male relatives I was talking about before? Well, here are their pictures:

In her defense, I think I'm a little scared. 

Well, I guess there's only one thing I can say about this.  Thanks guys for traumatizing my daughter for life.  If you want to be on good terms with Ella, let's rethink this whole facial hair thing.  It's scary.


  1. That's great! Made me feel better after my little monster Maythan can't keep his paws off of anything that makes BIG GIANT messes today!! A little glass of orange juice on the carpet! And as I'm cleaning that up he grabs the cheese nips and smashes them into the orange juice! Then to top it all off, I gave him a bath to get the stickiness off. He gets out and I put on a clean diaper. He likes to be a big boy and open the drawers to the dresser and help mommy get clothes out. So somehow in the two minutes it took me to hang up his towel in the bathroom and walk back to our room, he poops, opens the drawer to the dresser, snatches his diaper off and smashes his diaper into the dresser and all of the clean clothes I just washed,folded, and put away this morning! And all by one o'clock!

  2. The little girl does have a point!!!Scenes from a Wolf-man Movie! Maybe we should suggest a group shave-out! Love, The Grammama