Monday, July 26, 2010

Ducks in a Row

I was telling Brian about my morning and he thought I should blog about it, so I hope you find this as entertaining as I did. This is a lot of dialouge and I'll be moving fast so try and keep up.  Ella will be in pink, Aiden will be in blue and anything I say will stay in black.  Got it?  Good.
This morning was like any other.  The usual, nothing out of the ordinary.  The kids played, ate breakfast, swam in the pool (well more like jumped off the top of the slide into the pool), took a shower...I bathed Riley twice, changed her clothes twice (the baby food poop is brutal).  Got the kids dressed...Ella in her Monkey Shirt, of course, and Aiden picked out his Lightning McQueen shirt.  He's also getting into this whole 'picking out my clothes' deal.  So upon his decision they decided to watch Cars.  Now the reason I'm telling you all this is because their morning had nothing to do with ducks whatsoever.  Infact, they've been playing with bugs and butterflies.  
So lunchtime rolls around and I decided to give this whole cookie cutter sandwich thing another whirl.  Aiden picked a tree and Ella chose an elephant.  Still no ducks.  They sat down to eat and Aiden took one bite and said he didn't like it.  *Sigh* "Do you just want some bread then?"  He nodded.  He took his bread and started breaking it into small pieces.  Then he wanted me to feed him.  "Quack, quack."   OK.  I can play this game, if it
gets him to eat some lunch.  Then Ella starts disassembling her sandwich that I had so carefully put together, takes it off of her plate and onto the table.  Then she starts eating it off the table, nudging it around with her nose.  *Sigh* 
"I'm done, quack."  "Do you want some pretzels?"  "Quack, quack (nodding)"  Aiden is on his second piece of bread now...not the greatest lunch ever, but it's whole grain!  Ella is eating her pretzels off the table.  Riley is eating Little Puffs.  For the next 10 minutes there are random "Quack, quack.   Quack Quack Quack, quack.....quack."  "I'm done, quack."  She runs off.  "Quack Quack Quack."  "You're done too?"  "Quack (nodding)"  I wipe his hands and mouth and he runs off quacking and flapping his arms.  Ella runs back in "Quack."  "Whatdaya want?"  "Quack Quack quack Quack"  "What?"  "Quack Quack quack Quack! (rubbing her hands together)"  "Go wash your quack quacks in the bathroom."  Although it's cute that the kids are pretending to be ducks, it's hard to communicate with them when all I'm getting are different variations of 'quack'.  In runs Aiden.  "Quack, quack."  "What do YOU want?"  "Quack, quack! (pointing to the microwave which by the way, is our bread box as well)"  "You want more bread?"  "Quack (nodding)"  I went back to cleaning up.  Then the kids went from running and flapping to JUMPING and flapping.  As in jumping off the couch, flapping their wings and landing on their tail feathers.  Now the first time wasn't all it was 'quacked' up to be.  OK, I couldn't resist.  Aiden jumped off and landed on the floor, and sat there for about 4 seconds to decide if he didn't need to cry.  He's a pretty tough kid.  "Why don't you use the pillows?"  So they stacked up all of our couch pillows and used those as a landing pad instead.  That worked a lot better.  Except for the couple of times when they missed the pillows... 
Well this whole duck thing went on up until nap time.  They were still quacking during their story and I closed their doors saying "Night, night quack."  Kids are so weird.  And cute.  I wonder if I could apply this same type of communication out in the 'real world.'  "Was I speeding?  I'm sorry officer, Quack Quack quack Quack quack!" 


  1. I have to say...I'm not so sure that would work so well with a cop...but I would LOVE to be sitting in the back seat when you try! :) So cute! Miss you and your baby ducks...just a couple more months to baby food diapers at our house. :)

  2. I called yesterday and talked to Aiden. When he aswered the phone, I began to quack at him, which he immediately responded with some quacks back. I guess he wondered who in the world this was, but whoever was on the other end of the line, knew the game. He started laughing as we quacked back and forth. Finally he said,"Love-you!" The quacking ceased and we started talking regular. I kind of liked the quacking better myself. I think we all should do this in our heads, especially when you don't want to hear what the other person is saying to you. Just use this approach and imagine they are just quacking away!!! Thanks've made my day...this works great with seniors!