Sunday, July 18, 2010

Baby Beef

So Riley is on her 2nd day of baby food and I am finding myself wondering, "What I am supposed to do with her?"  I have been Googling things about babies starting solids, when, how much and how often.  You would think that by the third kid that I should already have this stuff down pat by now.  Especially considering the age gaps are 1 year 17 days between Ella and Aiden, and 20 months between Aiden and Riley.  Even as an infant I still had the 'is she still breathing' moments when she was sleeping.  Which got me to many babies is it gonna take before I can stop feeling like a first time mother?  I mean sure I am not nearly as up tight and I realize that it's ok for them to cry.  They aren't as fragile as I thought they were.  One thing I have learned, however, is how to down size on all the baby stuff.  It seems that with each kid I begin to feel more and more ripped off.  For example:  the Diaper Genie.  Now as snazzy as it may seem, promising to eliminate odors, the genie actually begins to take on a smell all of it's own.  The refills give you an endless supply of  scented bags so as a result all those 'wrapped' up diapers just end up sitting there for a week.  I mean it's not exactly an air tight seal so the baby powder poop smell just seeps out over time and soaks into the plastic.  It's like trying to wash spaghetti sauce out of tupperware.  It ain't gonna happen!  That stuff is here to stay.  Needless to say, I got rid of the genie with Aiden.  Wal-Mart bags tied up work just as well.  And guess what...that gets taken out everyday AND it's free bags.  Know what else is a big seller that you don't really need?  Diaper bags.  It took me 2 years to realize that I could ditch the bag.  Here's an idea I thought, "Why don't you just keep spare clothes, extra diapers and wipes in the van?"  That's right we drive a van.  So anyway I have these great plastic bins that have all that stuff the kids need plus first aid, Litttle Swimmer diapers, bug spray, etc...and it all stays in the van.  There's really no point in me lugging a huge diaper bag into the grocery store for a chance that there may be an accident.  I can actually carry my purse with 1 diaper and travel wipes and so far I've survived.  Speaking of survival, I've also ditched the bumper pads.  With Ella I thought I just had to have them.  Like you couldn't have a baby in a crib without them.  Now aside from the occasional leg stuck in between the rails, what's the point really?  I think they were more of a hazard than anything.  Ella would stand and jump on them to try to get out of the crib!   One more thing, Lavender scented lotion.  I mean it's good in theory, but are you telling me that if my baby is crying, all I have to do is slap some of that lotion on her and she will go to sleep?  Nuh, uh, I'm not buying it.  Bring it on baby #4 because next time I'll be ready, who knows, maybe he'll end up sleeping on a yoga mat.  And no, I'm not pregnant, I'm just sayin...

On the flip side, 3 Baby B's I couldn't live without:  the Boppy, the Bumbo, and a bouncy seat.

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  1. I didn't have a boppy with my six kids! Boppy sounds like a clown at the circus that isn't too funny and has orange hair! that what babies say when they are watching "Dumbo" the flying elephant? Bumbo's also lived by the railroad tracks in Albany Georgia in boxes! As far as bouncy seats...that's what you have remaining after you have your kids and you grow old! But don't worry my child one day you can use the bathroom in silence without someone beating the door down and calling your name,(I use to call that the potty alarm! Surely it must have gone off in the house that I was there!)- shave your legs without interruption, and actually have no one pulling on you. Sorry to say...The bouncy seats stay with you into your 90's. I know, Ive seen them in the Walmart pictures that you sent!