Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cowgirl Party

Last weekend Ella had her 5th birthday party.  She's been planning this 'pony party' since December.  This all stemmed from the move in November.  So here's the back story.

I've had this barn since I was 8 maybe?  Anyway it was an unfinished wooden barn with a beat up barbie sized horse and a beat up cowgirl.  So going through stuff for the move we came across a tote with this barn in it.  So after settling in at the new house Ella asked if she could play with that barn.  In my lazy parent 'I don't really want to drag all that out' mode, I simply said "You can play with it when you're five."  I know, I know, not my greatest parenting moment.  But it is what it is.  So from that she decided she would have a pony party.  Fair enough. 

So for her birthday present I decided to redo the barn for her.  We went to Hobby Lobby and she helped me pick out scrapbook paper, although she had no idea what it was for.  I also scored a 10 piece set of vintage horses/ponies at a consignment store that were the perfect size.  Sweet!  Good ole second hand stuff. 

And onto the party.  We decided that a cowgirl party would suffice as a 'pony party'.  This had kind of morphed from her original 'pony, unicorn and rainbows'.  I needed a little bit more to work with.  So with a little creativity and boxes we made a western town, raided my mother's house for farm stuff, cow balloons and some bandannas we were set!  She wanted a cookie cake (whatever that meant) so I just handed that job over to her.  She actually did a really good job.  So I'm just gonna throw on a TON of pictures from the party and maybe add in a caption here and there, so enjoy the party! 

Playing "Pop the Pig"  the goal was to sit on them to pop them, but they liked it much better to throw them into the fan.  Whatever works I guess!


She had no idea.  And I had no idea that was her wish.  She had only told me a few days before.  And may I just add that we actually pulled it off! 

I had talked to Brian's mom (Grandma) on the phone 2 weeks before the party and told her I was tempted to see how much a pony would be, but I dare not.  Her response was, "I can make that happen."  REALLY!!!  Thanks to Brian's cousin, this is Steven, it did happen.  How awesome is that!

No, they are not playing soccer.  Just chasing Bear.  Oh yeah, Bear is our bunny.  Grandma got him/her for the kids for Easter.  I might get around to blogging about Bear.  Since the hermit crabs never panned out, I've been hesitant to make Bear a permanent member of the family.  I guess I also failed to mention that I took the crabs back to the store.  Couldn't handle it after the 3rd pinch.  Anyway...back to the poor bunny being chased down by kids...

OK, not that all gifts weren't appreciated, but this face...come on.  It's like it's what she's dreamed of her whole life.  Nail polish.

Thanks Uncle Steven!
 I meant to print these out and string them along on a clothesline.  I only remembered when I was looking through pictures just now.

She has already decided that next year will be an underwater sea party.  Guess I'll get right on that.  In the mean time I'm planning Aiden's party for next Saturday.  Monster Truck Mud Party here we come...gotta love May!  Happy Birthday Ella!  Yee Haw!

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