Friday, October 15, 2010


I'm feeling a little high strung today and my kids are driving me crazy!  I know it's me, not them, but this is what I observed today at lunch: 
Neither Ella or Aiden wanted to eat their sandwich.  Brian had allowed them to eat Cheetos earlier and after that it was all they could think about.  Cheetos are gross.  I'm not a fan of the orange crusty fingers either.  He thought he was being nice by giving them something special.  I don't think we've ever bought Cheetos before, but he caved when Aiden asked while they were at the store earlier today.  In fact, they only eat them at their Gramama's house.  I don't usually allow them to have that kind of stuff here.  Now that I think about it, I think it was the Cheetos that got me all riled up.  This is beginning to take on a relationship much like the monkey shirt. 

Anyway, so after getting hyped up on puffed cheese and not eating much else, Ella spilled her milk.  It never fails.  She then decided to lap it up off of the table meowing in between licks.  I cringed.  Aiden in the mean time was weaving in and out of the legs of the table and crawling around on the floor.  Dancing to music that only he hears, he whacked his head under the table.  His incredibly loud crying pierces my ear drums every time.  I closed my eyes.  When I opened them I looked at Riley.  She was chewing on a lid to her Puffs and smacking the table at the same time.  I glared at Brian and he grinned back at me.  "Is it just me, or are they acting crazy?"  I asked him.  "Actually, I thought they were being really good"  Seriously??  I'm gonna need a nap.
They look sweet and innocent don't they?  Don't be fooled.  

I take back what I said before, it's not me, it's them.  They are the crazy ones.


  1. These are common side effects from a disease called, "Cheetoitus".It is treatable but has been know to last up to fifty-two years. Stay away from the big puffy kind! They cause permanent damage to your skin that can only be licked off or scraped off with a butter knife. Sometimes a small scrathcy pad will work just as well. The only way to really rid this disease is to spray paint them black! This will confuse the little urchins, making them think they are sticks for a campfire. No one would ever eat a stick like that!!!!Problem solved! Love- The Grammama

  2. Oh, Brittney, Cheetos...mmmm...drool. Come over to the dark side...or maybe that should be the orange-that-gets-all-over-everything side. As for kids that are not being bad, so much as being wound up, yeah, I have to lock myself in my bedroom sometimes. And turn on the purifier for the white noise. It helps.